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CERT is a group of your neighbors that have volunteered to help everyone in our community after we have sustained a disaster. That disaster is generally thought to be a weather related situation; in Florida, a hurricane is the first thing that comes to mind.  It could be any kind of disaster, natural or man-made.

This group of intrepid souls has been copiously trained according to FEMA guidelines on a continuing basis as well as completing an eight week program of basic and intermediate skills. In our ranks are your neighbors: doctors, nurses, accountants, teachers, and business people just like you! We all have been outfitted with our backpacks containing: bandages, first aid supplies, flashlights, tools, and guidebooks etc.

We are activated after a disaster to go out into the community and fine the people who need help and determine what type of help is needed. It could be first aid (not major medical), maybe reporting damage to homes or the community, provide basic rescue until the county professionals arrive; normally we will be the first response team to help those in need until professional resources have been notified as to our conditions.

We have very limited resources, both manpower and equipment. You can help by informing your neighbors and friends of our mission to help the community before we are in the midst of a tragedy.

Due to natural attrition we are in need of additional volunteers to join our ranks. Please contact our CERT team leader, Lou De Turris for information you can call Lou at 561- 495-5695 or send an email to Lou at [email protected]

CONTACT:             Please call property management (561-499-6358) to be directed to a club contact.

ANNUAL DUES:     No annual dues

MEETINGS:           3rd Thursday of the month, 4-5pm in the Social Hall

OPERATES:           May-November