PERFORM is a performance-based club. We put on a major musical production annually, usually the beginning of March.  We also sponsor a theater party to the Wick Theatre in Boca each year and for the past 9 or 10 years (but not 2019) have provided a platform to one of our members (Phil Silberman) to feature his small jazz combo and his big jazz orchestra. These two events are fundraisers for us because it takes a lot of money to run our show.  We encourage all members of the community to attend our functions and to bring their friends from outside!

We are always looking for new members – a person does not have to be a singer, actor or dancer to be involved in our show.  We need people for backstage, for costuming, for painting scenery, for selling tickets…frankly, for any job needed to put on a major theatrical production.  We foster camaraderie and have a great deal of fun while also deriving terrific satisfaction from producing something for our neighbors to enjoy.  In fact, it is never too late to join us – anyone interested in getting involved is welcome at any time, even in the middle of rehearsals for our upcoming production!

CONTACT:            Please call property management (561-499-6358) to be directed to a club contact.

ANNUAL DUES:     $25

MEETINGS:           General membership meetings twice a year (October and March/April). Numerous rehearsals from October-March when preparing for our annual musical production.

OPERATES:           Year-round with different activities; October-March for our annual production.