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The attendees discuss stocks that they are interested in either purchasing, selling, holding on to, avoiding, or are merely unsure of. Economic and market trends as well as geopolitical events are discussed but only in the context of the stock market and preserving one’s money.

Participants are invited to bring up whatever topics they feel are relevant and pertinent to what is driving the markets up, down or sideways as well as what steps one is taking to preserve principle during volatile times. Brokers or representatives of banks or investment firms are not permitted to use the club as a forum to advertise or sell their services. There is no board of directors as money is not exchanged or handled in this club. Each attendee shares his/her views and ideas on how he/she is looking to invest their money, preferably for the long term. This club is not open to outsiders but only to residents of Valencia Palms.

CONTACT:            Please call property management (561-499-6358) to be directed to a club contact.


MEETINGS:           Every 3rd Monday at 7pm in the classroom once a month. Conflicts with other events may alter the schedule.

OPERATES:           October-May